About Us

About HSPHealth

HSPHealth works as an affiliate of Clickbank. We have a team of writers that scour their resources to bring you the best and most effective products that we can find. We use an unbiased approach to find and recommend only the best products, systems, and resources for our readers.

Hands-On Review Process

We don’t just write about the products we review, we sometimes try them ourselves. If we don’t have an overwhelmingly positive experience using it, we won’t recommend it to our readers. Simple as that.

This process allows us to keep the quality of the products that we review high. We don’t want you to feel unsatisfied with any of our recommendations, which is why we are so careful about what we include on our site.

Our Writers

We employ a collection of writers that seek out these products and review them personally sometimes. During this process, we place an emphasis on the quality of the product and the benefits it will bring to our readers.