In The Zone With Ayurveda

in the zone © by savanna-smiles

The easiest way to be healthy and physically happy is to be naturally in the zone with ayurveda.

Being in the zone has been often associated with sports – the place where you are operating in a free and effective manner. In the zone is an expression that came out of the work of Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, who investigated and wrote about flow as the state of being totally one with whatever you are doing. It is a state where your entire being is focused on an activity so that there is no separation between any aspect of yourself and the activity.  It is a state of oneness.

Applied to health, flow would be a state where all aspects of the body, mind, emotions and spirit operated in harmony.  Ayurveda is designed to make that possible.  The way Ayurveda helps an individual achieve flow is by identifying the original states of the individual and then providing the health practices and diet recommended to achieve that flow.  It sounds simple but it is actually very sophisticated because it balances all of the qualities in an individual’s bioenergy or dosha by using dualities.

Dualities are opposites.  Dark and light, hot and cold, hard and soft are all pairings of opposites or dualities. If an individual naturally has the quality of coldness, then warmth is balancing for that person.  That same idea is applied to all the various qualities in that individuals makeup.  Since these energies are a part of the person’s biology, mental and emotional state as well as spirit, the entire being of a person is brought into balance or an optimum state. When an individual is in balance all the energies of the body work together in harmony and a feeling of well being, bliss and flow can be achieved.

These techniques are available to HSP’s and non-HSP’s.  Anyone with the suitable Ayurvedic health regimen can achieve a state of flow or be in the zone with Ayurveda.



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