How to Prevent Blood Clots

Blood clots are extremely dangerous. Once formed and circulating throughout your body via your blood stream, they can lodge in the lungs, heart or brain, causing severe or even permanent damage and death. They are to be taken seriously. The tendency to get blood clots runs in my family, so I have looked into solutions for a number of years. Here are some ways of preventing blood clots that I have learned.

Sticky Blood

When you are healthy, blood circulates unimpeded though out your entire system bringing oxygen and nutrients to the cells and removing waste products. Blood clots are commonly associated with airplane travel and a sedentary lifestyle. Certainly lack of exercise can be a contributing factor; however, when you take a flight, your system does not manufacture a blood clot because you are flying. In order for you to get that clot, the conditions for getting a blood clot need to already be present in your body. That means you probably already had sticky blood when you boarded that flight.

Preventing Sticky Blood

Sticky blood is unhealthy blood.  It is blood with some or even many toxins in it. How to those toxins get there?

  1. environmental toxins including household chemicals, metals, pesticides, air pollution, and water pollution.
  2. food toxins including additives, preservatives, and other chemicals, processed, frozen, canned and genetically modified foods.
  3. undigested food which turns into a sticky substance which then clogs the body.
  4. eating hard to digest food including many dairy products, meat, processed food, junk food, sodas and leftovers.
  5. eating food made of white flour and white sugar.
  6. bacteria, viruses and worms.

To remove the toxins, a lifestyle adjustment is necessary.

  1. remove as many environmental toxins as possible from your environment.  If necessary, purchase filters for your drinking water.
  2. buy only organic food to avoid the many food abuses in our agricultural system that will harm your health.
  3. eliminate all white flour and white sugar products from your diet.
  4. minimize or eliminate meat.  If you need to eat meat, consider organic chicken or turkey.
  5. eliminate junk food, processed food and sodas.
  6. eat only three meals per day so that your body can fully digest your meal before you eat again. Eat enough to be satisfied.
  7. eat your main meal of the day at lunchtime when digestion is strongest.

One of the most under recognized sources of clots is the poorly digested food floating around our bodies.  In order for our digestion to be strong and efficient, we need to eat the right foods, at the right times, get enough sleep, reduce stress in our lives, and get enough exercise.  It also helps to have positive supportive relationships in our lives.

Herbal And Natural Treatments For Blood Clots

Life is not perfect. However, it is still possible to be healthy even if your lifestyle could use some adjustments. The good news for blood clot sufferers is that there are many natural herbs and herbal remedies that can help minimize your chances of getting a blood clot. They are:

  1. the salicylates – the ingredient in aspirin that thins the blood. These foods contain salicylates:
    1. many fruits and nuts
    2. these spices: curry powder, cayenne pepper, ginger, paprika, thyme, cinnamon, dill, oregano, turmeric, licorice, peppermint
  2. omega-3 supplements
  3. nattokinase, a Japanese enzyme created from boiled soybeans that lowers blood pressure and prevent blood clots from being formed.
  4. a number of Ayurvedic herbs (see additional articles below) that are exceptionally strong detoxification and immune system boosters are wonderful for purifying the blood:
    1. manjistha which removes obstructions
    2. neem a great detoxing herb
    3. triphala a blood purifier, detoxing and balancing herb
    4. turmeric supplement for preventing platelet clumping

Next Steps

Revising diet and lifestyle along with natural non-toxic herbal remedies that support the health of the blood and detox the body will make it easier to withstand and blood clotting tendencies. Consulting with an Ayurvedic practitioner near you would enable you to develop a nutrition, herbal and lifestyle program that suits your body type and addresses all of your system’s imbalances.

That is not possible for everyone.  You can still do much for your self by eating organic food and taking safe supplements that will help you detox to minimize the development of all diseases including blood clots.



    • Maria says

      Hi Muhammad,

      Neem and turmeric are available in a variety of herbal formulas. There are numerous online sources of Ayurvedic herbs that you can consult. You might also want to consider talking with an Ayurvedic doctor if you have an ongoing issue.

      All the best,

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