The Wound Of Materialism

Oiled Bird – Black Sea Oil Spill 11/12/07 © by marinephotobank

Materialism destroys our environment as this picture shows.

It also destroys so much more.

It destroys our humanity.

Every society defines its purposes and priorities.  There was a time when the material side of life was extremely lacking and improving the human standard of living was a necessary and important goal.

So the Western world, starting in Europe,  created an economic system to rectify an existing problem. So far all is well.

Unfortunately. at some point, the goals of society went beyond rectifying existing needs. Societies became about wealth accumulation.  It may have been one of the biggest mistakes we ever made.

All social systems have a stewardship responsibility in society. Stewardship involves considering the past, present and future. Stewardship honors sustainability. Stewardship promotes the health of all living creatures and their institutions.

When wealth accumulation became the agenda, stewardship went out the window. It pitted one person against another because it was no longer OK to seek to have your real needs met, if you were not part of a wealth accumulation system, you essentially did not exist. Those who could advance the wealth agenda had their needs met over those who were less able to do so.

So if it mattered to you that we do not harm the environment unnecessarily then you were not only unimportant but also considered dangerous to the wealth accumulation agenda.  If you think getting a good night’s sleep matters then you are not available to work ridiculous hours to further the wealth accumulation agenda. If you think that compassion matters then you may be interfering with profits.

When does the system that demands our support begin to support the people who support it?  I have heard very intelligent people express a fear of being irrelevant.

This is not living.  In many cases it is not even surviving.  This is, in fact, slavery.  And we all know that slavery is very damaging to the essence of a human being or any living creature for that matter.

We are not here just to be used.  We are here to live and to be cherished, and our existing social and economic systems are failing us miserably.

The human race has been demoted to serve a wealth agenda.

It is definitely time for change,

And it cannot come soon enough.



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