Brahmi: Miracle Herb For Nerves

Brahmi: Miracle Herb For Nerves - HSP Health
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HSP’s have such hyperactive nervous systems.

It may seem impossible sometimes to find a way to live with it. As much as our sensitivity benefits us, it can also be hard to live with.

Fortunately, nature offers us some solutions.

Brahmi is a great gift from nature to heal the nerves of HSP’s.

Benefits Of Brahmi

Ayurveda offers so many incredible herbs that provide highly sophisticated systemic benefits. Brahmi, also called Bacopa Monnieri, is one.

Brahmi is one of the natural herbs known as adaptogens.  An adaptogen is a product that…increase(s) resistance to stresstraumaanxiety and fatigue.”

According to Clarocet‘s reference library, brahmi benefits are evident in four areas:

  • improved capacity for attention and focus,
  • improved ability to withstand emotional stress
  • reduction in nervousness and anxiety
  • improved immune system function.

Research On Brahmi

Science is increasingly investigating the benefits of natural medicines. The Holistic Herbalist website offer information on the clinical trials and results for the herb Bacopa Monnieri. They show that Bacopa does in fact live up to its reputation.  This is a synopsis of the many studies about Bacopa:

  1. a research study in Australia showed that Bacopa improved mental retention of information
  2. In another similar study showed that bacopa monnieri decreases the rate of forgetting of newly acquired information, verbal learning rate and memory consolidation
  3. In yet another 3 to 12 week study,  B. monnieri showed significant improvement in the  learning rate and memory consolidation and an  improvement in higher order cognitive functions that depend on memory, learning and environmental factors
  4. Properties of bacopa play a key role in enhancing nerve impulse transmission. They support the repair of damaged neurons by enhancing kinase activity, neuronal synthesis, restoration and regeneration of synaptic activity resulting in nerve impulse transmission. These effects make it a wonderful nerve tonic or nerve nourishing agent as against the neuroleptic drugs that modulate the behavior.
  5. Bacopa or Brahmi also improved learning skills, had a positive impact on reducing the progression of Alzheimers’s Disease, a known HSP disease and is known to provide assistance with epilepsy.
  6. In a study on rats, Bacopa was shown to stockpile useful enzymes in the brain to help deal with stressful situations thereby reducing the the impacts of the stress.
  7. Bacopa or Brahmi can be useful in reducing the symptoms of depression.
Brahmi or Bacopa is a very effective herbal treatment for the nervous system and symptoms of nervous system disorders.  For highly sensitive people with so many nervous system problems this herb should be a mainstay of the daily health regimen.

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