Gymnema: Ayurvedic Herb For Diabetes and Blood Sugar Control

Gymnema: Ayurvedic Herb For Diabetes - HSP Health Blog
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Are you under a lot of stress?

Is the stress you experience chronic?

Are you also a highly sensitive person?

Why HSP’s Can Suffer From Diabetes

Diabetes is a risk for people who suffer from chronic stress because chronic stress keeps the body’s digestive system out of balance. Stress puts the body into a state of emergency that can raise blood sugar levels.  Over  a long period of time, elevated blood sugar can caused permanent damage to the body.

Highly sensitive people are stress magnets. Their sensitivity, deep processing and empathetic nature make it hard for them not to be stressed out. This means that their entire lives, they can be at risk for getting diabetes.

How Ayurveda Can Help Highly Sensitive People Control Blood Sugar

It is an excellent idea for HSP’s to work at controlling their blood sugar. One natural way to control blood sugar is the herb gymnema silvestre.  The Ayurveda Encyclopedia names gymnema the main Ayurvedic herb for treating diabetes.

Gymnema works directly on the pancreas to remove sugar, stimulate pancreatic function, improve circulation and help urine output.

Gymnema also reduces excess kapha (which is the body system in Ayurveda in charge of body structure.  It is often associated with obesity.) and vata (the body system responsible for the nervous system). When the Vata nervous system is upset by stress or other factors an individual will eat erratically and often the wrong food. Poor eating habits can help diabetes to develop.

Benefits Of Gymnema

Gymnema has many benefits that can help people suffering from diabetes and the symptoms of excellive stress:

  1. gymnema heals skin disorders and infections which are a known complication of diabetes
  2. it ignites digestion and treats all metabolic disorders including diabetes which means it can help pre diabetics
  3. it may be regenerative of pancreatic beta cells which means that it may offer diabetics the potential to restore pancreatic insulin production according to Ayurvedic Diet Solutions.
  4. it reduces sugar taste in the mouth and therefore reduces sugar cravings which are very harmful to diabetes and people suffering from stress related obesity
  5. it may block the assimilation of sugar.  According to WiseGeek, “the unique shape of gymnemic acid molecules are similar to that of glucose, allowing it to fill cell receptors in the lining the intestines, thereby preventing uptake of sugar molecules.”

Gymnema – A Time Honored Herbal remedy

Gymnema silvestre has a long history of helping diabetic patients in India.  It is now making its way to the West as an herbal solution for treating diabetes, metabolic disorder and is also used as a staple in some detoxification programs.  Gymnema is available in a pill form making it easier to use than insulin.

In some cases gymnema may alleviate the need for insulin supplementation. It is a promising treatment for diabetics that is worth looking into because it is relatively inexpensive, and easy to use. Although not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, this herb has proven to be safe over a long period of time.

Research On Gymnema Benefits For Diabetes

Gymnema has been used by Ayurveda for centuries to help manage blood sugar and manage diabetes.  Western medicine has become interested in this herb and has begun investigating its benefits.  Here are links to some of the studies that bear out that gymnema does in fact lower blood sugar and improve pancreatic function:

  1. A novel Gymnema sylvestre extract stimulates insulin secretion from human islets in vivo and in vitro.
  2. In vitro callus and in vivo leaf extract of Gymnema sylvestre stimulate β-cells regeneration and anti-diabetic activity in Wistar rats.
  3. A novel dihydroxy gymnemic triacetate isolated from Gymnema sylvestre possessing normoglycemic and hypolipidemic activity on STZ-induced diabetic rats.
  4. Gymnema sylvestre for diabetes mellitus: a systematic review.
  5. An overview on the advances of Gymnema sylvestre: chemistry, pharmacology and patents.


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    The information in this blog is great.
    Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes is one of the best methods for curing diabetes. Either go for natural raw herbs or consume good ayurvedic medicine for diabetes as they are prepared from natural extracts to give the best possible results without any side-effects.
    Nice post. Thanks for spreading awareness..!!

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          It is a great herb for managing sugar levels and I am not an Ayurvedic doctor so I cannot say about Diabetes 1 or 2. I would suggest that you go to this website: Lifespa and do a search on diabetes. It is run by an excellent Ayurvedic doctor. The offer Gymnema and you may find some articles about it.

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