How To Unclog Arteries Naturally [Infographic]

If you are serious about keeping your heart healthy, then you should look up to some natural foods. Plaque build-up is a problem and keeping the arteries free can help reduce your blood pressure and also reduce inflammation. Both are considered main reasons for various cardiovascular illnesses. We will look at a few natural options to keep arteries clean naturally.

How To Unclog Arteries Naturally

  • Asparagus

Asparagus is considered to be very good for clearing arteries. This is because it is full of minerals and fibers.  It is also rich in different types of vitamins like B1, B2, C, E and Vitamin K.  It can help in prevent blood clots in arteries which in turn can reduce blood pressure. You could try eating steaming raw asparagus for the maximum vitamin absorption.

  • Avocado

Adding a few slices of avocado to your salad or sandwich instead of heavy salad or mayonnaise dressing could help a lot in cleaning your arteries and keeping your heart healthy. Studies have proved that regular consumption of avocado could help decrease triglycerides and LDL by around 22%. At the same time it also could help increasing the quantum of HDL by 11%.

  • Broccoli

Broccoli is another vegetable which is full of Vitamin K. This could help prevent calcification and prevent hardening of the arteries. Further regular consumption of Broccoli could also be helpful in preventing oxidation of LDL cholesterol and prevent us from developing serious heart conditions. It also is a rich source of fiber which is good for heart. It also is useful for reducing stress in the arteries.

  • Chia Seeds

Chia seed is often considered to be a heart healthy food because it contains a substance called alpha linolenic acid and is also a rich source of fiber. Two ounces of chia seeds on a daily basis could help in clearing the arteries from plaque and other blockades and could also help a lot in reducing blood pressure. It also is extremely useful in reducing LDL cholesterol, and can also help lower triglycerides and help also in increasing the quantum of HDL cholesterol.

  • Cinnamon

Cinnamon can reduce the risk of heart diseases quite a bit. Using one tablespoon of ground cinnamon can do wonders to bring down cholesterol levels and also prevent plaque buildup. It also is a rich source of high quality antioxidants which could positively impact your heart health. It also smells good and could help your digestive track too.

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