The HSP Experts' Guide To An Empowered 2013

The HSP Experts' Guide To An Empowered 2013


This year HSP Health has decided to do something different.

In response to our recent survey, we have invited HSP experts to offer their wisdom to help highly sensitive people get off to a good start in 2013.

Highly sensitive people can become frustrated by the challenge of being who they are.

Our experts are very familiar with all of the HSP challenges having advised highly sensitive people for many years.

The HSP Experts Guide To An Empowered 2013

Seven wonderful HSP experts will be offering their assistance to help you navigate the start of 2013. As the title suggests, the topic is empowerment. All of our contributors are experts on the subject of empowerment. They will be helping you to become stronger and more empowered to create a wonderful life for yourself:

  • Douglas Eby is a writer, researcher and online publisher on creative expression and personal growth. He is creator of the Talent Development Resources series of sites and author of the books Developing Multiple Talents: The personal side of creative expression and Being Highly Sensitive and Creative.
  • Ted Zeff Ph.D., received his doctorate in psychology in 1981 from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA. Dr. Zeff has more than 25 years experience counseling sensitive children and adults. He currently teaches workshops and consults internationally on coping strategies for highly sensitive children and adults. Dr. Zeff is considered one of the world’s experts on the trait of high sensitivity. He has given presentations and workshops in Denmark, The Netherlands and in many venues throughout the United States. He is the author of The Highly Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide, The Highly Sensitive Person’s Companion and The Strong, Sensitive Boy. His books have been translated into five languages. Dr. Zeff’s articles about how to detect and prevent bullying have appeared in many magazines including Texas and Ohio state PTA, Canadian Association for Child and Play Therapy and the Connecticut School Psychologists Association He has been interviewed by Good Morning Bay Area on NBC TV, National Public Radio and Psychology Today, as well as by Dutch and Danish magazines.
  • Grace Kerina  gently teaches writing skills to people who want to inspire and help others (like solo entrepreneurs and life coaches), helping them navigate their own writing process, write more confidently, master marketing materials, polish website copy, blog meaningfully, start and finish books, and more.
  • Cliff Harwin is the owner of The Highly Sensitive Person Publishing Company and the author of the book, Making Sense of Your High Sensitivity: Discover, Develop and Maximize Your Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) Traits. In his book, he reflects upon his life and provides a unique perspective on the lessons that he has learned as a highly sensitive person. The purpose of his company is to provide thought-provoking, inspirational, and insightful information from a personal perspective.
  • Mary Kay Parkinson is an, HSP, energy healer and life coach based in Maryland. Her site offers information about the HSP trait, and many articles about living well as an HSP.  Mary Kay is a highly trained psychologist, energy healer and coach in spiritual development. She has a BA in Psychology, and has studied at the  Center for Intentional LivingBarbara Brennan School of Healing , the Bert Hellinger Institute USA, and the Potomac Massage Training Institute. 
  • Jim Hallowes is Founder of Highly Sensitive People® and the HighlySensitivePeople website. He is a speaker, coach, educator and expert on the trait of high sensitivity and highly sensitive people. He’s a Certified ASR® Coach and Trainer and is a Certified Transactional Analysis Practitioner dealing primarily with highly sensitive people. Jim Hallowes is the former Executive Director of the Dr. Pat Allen WANT® Institute  “Educators of Effective Communication Strategies.” Jim is also an Award-Winning Producer / Director, Member of the Directors Guild of America (DGA) since 1984, and is a voting member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (the EMMYs).
  • Mari J Dionne is a Holistic Health Practitioner, board certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, specializing in nutrition, supplements, and alternative remedies.She also a degree in Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Counseling from Pierce College in Steilacoom, Washington, with coursework in nutrition, anatomy, physiology and pharmacology, crisis intervention, and behavioral counseling. In addition to her formal education she has studied various forms of energy balancing. Mari is also a highly sensitive person, meaning she was born with a sensitive nervous system. Her gift is empathy, meaning she has the ability to pick up on emotions associated with people, places, and things that others may miss. She applies her combined education, knowledge, and expertise toward helping other highly sensitive people, like herself, to relieve stress syndromes doctors have a hard time treating, if at all, by offering lifestyle management solutions and all-natural, body-based remedies when being highly sensitive hurts.

The program will begin on January 1. I hope you can join us.

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