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Are You Highly Sensitive?

HSP Quiz for highly sensitive people: are you a highly sensitive person?
This  quiz includes many commonly known characteristics of HSPs.  Select true or false for each:


_____I am sensitive to the feelings of others and tend to  
          take on others' problems.                             

_____I feel better when I keep things simple: food, personal
          organization, work organization and environments.                                

_____I become overwhelmed very easily.

_____I dislike competition particularly destructive competition.

_____I am distracted by loud noises, bright lights and some fabrics.
          They interfere with my concentration.       

_____I am uncomfortable around impatient

_____My empathy makes it hard for me to set boundaries.                      

_____I need to know that my actions are constructive. 
          I dislike recklessness.                          

_____I think I am different.                                                            

_____I dislike pressure and multitasking.                                                                    
_____If I cannot proceed at my own pace I may become  
          disinterested in a task or activity.

_____I am very intuitive.

_____I have had a psychic experience: out-of-body, deja-vu,
          prescience, telepathy etc.

_____I dislike all forms of aggression. 

_____I enjoy quiet and silence.

_____I often feel one with the universe and all other life forms. 
          I feel the life force in all things.

_____I need stability.  Too much change and busyness makes it hard
          for me to be at my best.                        

_____I love animals and sometimes relate better to them
          than people.                                  

_____I tend to have different values than other people. 
          I value compassion over materialism.                                                       

_____I am more interested in the evolution of humans
          than protecting the status quo.  

_____Integrity is important to me.

_____I am not good at small talk.  I am more interested in
          deep subjects.

_____I suffer from an autoimmune disorder such as
          Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Pernicious anemia,
          Addison's disease, Type I diabetes, rheumatoid  
          arthritis, lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis
          or Celiac disease.    

There are no right or wrong answers.  These HSP characteristics are only some of the traits of HSPs.  There is no minimum or maximum number of true answers that prove HSPness.  This quiz is only a starting point to enable you to explore further how sensitivity shows up in you.  Hopefully this HSP quiz helps you understand your sensitivity better.

Many of the experts on the highly sensitive person offer an HSP quiz as well.  They can be worth checking out.

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