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Situational Depression - HSP Health 

Are the psychosocial stressors of situational depression, also known as adjustment disorder,  worse for highly sensitive people? Yes, they are, because the nervous system of the highly sensitive person has a hard time recovering from trauma.

Situational stress applies to short term circumstances, and could be anything. A bee sting, a car accident, an argument, a flat tire all could be considered examples of this type of stress.  They are events that we would hope would not be recurring or long term.

Situational stress can turn into depression if a negative atmosphere or environment persists over a long period of time. 

Why does Stress become Situational Depression?

All long term challenging situations do not turn into an adjustment disorder.  When situational depression occurs, it is often because solutions to problems cannot be found, and and individual or group develops feelings of hopelessness. Hope is one of the most important feelings for humans, one that we generally need to sustain ourselves.

Situational depression is sometimes called an adjustment disorder. It refers to a circumstance to which a person must but cannot adjust to. The internal conflict is what creates depression. Because it is often applies to a short term circumstance, stress can be easier to handle than stress created by biological factors or cultural differences or a hopeless situation.

HSPs and Adjustment Disorder

For highly sensitive people, an adjustment disorder can be an added diffficulty compounding other problems. If an HSP has genetic or other HSP illnesses and is in a long term unaccommodating or unempathetic circumstance, that highly sensitive person can easily develop a depression. 

Because the HSP trait is a new awareness, it may take time for the human institutional systems to recognize the specialized care that HSPs need.  HSPs can improve their situation and minimize their chances of incurring a long term depression by taking charge of their health. As challenging as it is to be an HSP, and to become healthy for anyone, at least HSPs can use their trait to create the benefit of great health for themselves.

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