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Welcome to the The HSP Experts Guide To An Empowered 2013. We will be posting a series of articles starting on Wednesday, January 2nd according to the schedule below:

Wednesday, January 2

Our High Sensitivity: Both A Gift and Vulnerability to Anxiety by Douglas Eby

Douglas is a highly regarded expert on sensitivity and creativity. As he shows in his article, people who are highly sensitive have both physical and social reasons to suffer from anxiety. Unfortunately the cost to all of us in lost creativity is great. Douglas’ article offers numerous tips and links to important references that will help a sensitive person reduce their anxiety levels so that they can be more effective. 

Friday, January 4

Emotional Healing And The Body by Mary Kay Parkinson

Mary Kay is an expert on emotional healing. She shows us a way for highly sensitive people to heal from painful emotions. For highly sensitive people, there is no escape from the healing needs of their painful feelings; however, you have to have a realistic plan to do so. Mary Kay provides the insights you need to heal either by yourself or with the assistance of others.

Monday, January 7

Changing Habits by Ted Zeff, Ph.D.

Ted Zeff has spent more than 25 years counseling highly sensitive adults and children. As a result he has a lot of experience with change to share with us. Ted’s article discusses two important aspects of change: the need to take steps to create it and the need to proceed with compassion for ourselves. His article helps us consider how to do that.

Wednesday January 9

Highly Self Employed by Grace Kerina

Grace Kerina is a self-employed HSP, who leads us through her path to self-employment. She shows us why she considered it and how she learned to take her gifts and apply them in the world of work. Part of her path was learning how being sensitive and empathetic was of value to others in her life. Her article is a useful way for HSPs to consider how self-emplyment might suit them.

Friday, January 11

The HSPs 7 Paths to Reducing Overwhelm by Mari J. Dionne

Highly sensitive people suffer from sensory overload and overwhelm. Mari discusses the implications of sensory overload and the tendency to develop sensory defensiveness to compensate for it. She offers exercises for handling it and also describes 7 paths for reducing the stress and tendency to isolate ourselves as a coping mechanism.

Wednesday, January 16

Top 10 List For A Happier And Healthier 2013 For HSPs by Jim Hallowes

Jim Hallowes discusses his favorite health and relationship advice for highly sensitive people from years of counseling HSP’s. He also provides a great list of books for highly sensitive people seeking to improve their lives by gaining from the wisdom of people who have travelled the path to empowerment and well-being before them.

Friday, January 18

Using The Creative Process To Heal And Create Change by Maria Hill

Maria is a highly sensitive person and an artist. She shows us how to use the creative process to create the steps of change in our lives. Change can be something we dream about, think about and wish for. But if we cannot take concrete steps to make it happen, our wishes will remain unfulfilled. The creative process can help brings our desires into reality.

We hope you will join us for these informative articles on empowering yourself for a productive and happy 2013.

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