The Lost Ways Review – Skills You Need To Survive In Crisis Situations

Hello and thank you for checking out another one of my reviews! If you are new here then I hope you enjoy your stay and this review! Today we will be talking about my The Lost Ways Survival Book Review.

Usually I’m not a serious person but this program gave me a few things to really consider and reevaluate in my life. Today’s program is a survival guide dedicated to show you how to survive with nothing but your bravery and your brains.


Like most people, I initially thought that concept was such a waste of time. I had to take a step back and realize how much I rely on technology and the structure of society for my survival. If anything were to happen, I’d be in a lot of trouble!

This Lost Ways review will tell you what the product is, who the author is, what you will get for your money, the pros and cons and we’ll talk about if the program works.

What Is The Lost Ways Program?

The Lost Ways Review

This program is aimed at teaching you how to survive in a crisis situation. This program teaches you how to hunt, make shelters and all the necessities that go in to surviving a crisis situation.

One of the flaws of our society is our inherently reliance on technology. If something were to happen to your local store, I don’t know about you, but I would be in trouble when it comes to finding basic things like food and water! This ultimate survival program teaches you different techniques for surviving disaster situations.

Claude Davis, Creator of The Lost Ways Program


The Lost Ways Program is created by the Claude Davis. Claude Davis Lost way’s program combines the expertise of multiple people instead of just relying on one person. This makes the program jam-packed with excellent information from several outlooks.

For example, Ruff Simmons is an old west historian and held a career as a deputy in his youth. Ruff has combined all his life experience and knowledge into contributing a few chapters to Claude Davis’ The Lost Ways program.

Instead of relying just stopping with Ruff’s impressive knowledge, Claude collaborated with multiple survival experts to create a practical guide that has been tested in the wild. Included in the program are sections by Erik Bainbridge who is a Native American survival expert and well versed in the ancient techniques of his people.

You’ll also hear from Shannon Azares who can teach you how to preserve water based on techniques sailors used and Mike Searson who can hunt 6 – 8 deer with minimal ammo.

There are many more experts who have contributed to the creation of this program to truly make it a well-rounded survival guide. Unlike most guides, you pay for one program, but get the benefit of getting multiple perspectives from different experts.

What Do You Benefit From the Lost Ways by Claude Davis?

This is a very versatile survival program. You get different techniques, blueprints for building shelters and recipes for hard times. You also learn how to manage canned food and prepare your home for a disaster.

This program doesn’t focus on the disaster aspect and make it completely morbid. Instead, the program focuses on the practicality of being able to provide for your own self and your family. The program explains ancient survival skills in an easy to understand and modern way.

In addition to the main program you also get access to 3 survival reports for free!


The first report is called “What Every Survivalist Should Grow in His Backyard”. This is a very detailed guide that shows you what you should have in your backyard in case of disaster. You’ll how to plant, grow, harvest and preserve these plants for long term use. This is a convenient guide that can reduce a significant portion of your grocery bill!


The second program is titled “How to Outlive an EMP the Early Pioneer Way”. Although it’s not talked about much, EMP’s are a very real threat to our way of lives. All it takes is for one pulse to knock out all of our food gathering and distribution techniques. We wouldn’t be able to preserve food at home or buy it at the store. This guide teaches you how to deal with running water that has stop, what to do with food to make it last and how to find heat in crisis situations.


The last program is “A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Own Can Rotation System”. By the end of this program you’ll have your own storage system that can hold over 700 cans! You can organize this system by expiry date so you never have to worry about food waste. You can buy a rotator like this for around $400 in the store. But thanks to The Lost Ways program you can build your own using the techniques in this bonus for around $100!

Pros of The Lost Ways

  • The bonuses you get can easily be sold as programs on their own, and you get them for free!
  • As mentioned earlier, the program gives you multiple perspectives on survival. You learn all the techniques ancient Indians, sailors and western deputies used to survive on a daily basis.
  • You don’t have to worry about The Lost Ways scam. Since the information you are getting is related to nature, it will never go out of style!
  • This guide can easily save you thousands of dollars in supplies and mental stress when disaster hits
  • You can a ton of recipes that you can use in non-disaster situations. Soon you’ll be preserving your own meat, making your own sausages and cooking delicious meals with natural herbs and spices! The recipes are also very healthy and high in nutrients.

Cons of The Lost Ways

  • Because they are ancient, a lot of the techniques are tedious. Get ready to work!
  • There’s a chance you might never use these techniques, at least until something goes wrong!

Does It System Really Work?


Overall, the Claude Davis Lost Ways program is a great investment. It’s not common or popular to be worried about the security of the future, but it’s a very real concern. With this program you can have peace of mind knowing you can support yourself more than any insurance company can when disaster hits.

Another reason why this program is worth your attention are all the bonuses you get. Even from a hobbyist standpoint, the bonuses are jam packed with excellent information you can use on a daily basis. You can use the tips to grow a robust vegetable garden and the recipes to serve healthy and natural meals for your family.


Hopefully The Lost Ways review has helped you see what you get with the program. Many real customers have reviewed the good about it. Some people talk about The Lost Ways scam, but the information is valid and can help you when times get tough. You get lots of value for the price you pay and this is a program that will never become obsolete!

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