Why We Need Highly Sensitive People Now

Why We Need Highly Sensitive People Now - HSP Health Blog
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Why do we need highly sensitive people now?

Are we seeing a renewed interest and dare I say respect for the sensitives of the world?

Conditions Are Everything

Conditions are everything. We are culturally bound which means that it is easy to lose sight of how other conditions may be changing.

Right now we are seeing a perfect example of a disconnect between human cultural systems and world conditions. Human cultural systems are digging in their heels in order to maintain the status quo, while the reality of deteriorating global conditions continues its significant harm to the environment, humans and other living creatures on the planet.

So perhaps  the concept of “mind over matter” – or left-brained linear thinking – has its limits although we do not seem willing to concede the point.

So many cultures have come and gone because they disrespected the underlying conditions that supported them. Jared Diamond has written about this topic in his book, Collapse. Too often cultures become inflexible putting themselves at risk. HSP’s can help with that.

Highly Sensitive People Notice Conditions

Highly sensitive people are masters of nuance. They sense everything and notice when something is not working. Their nervous systems pick up all sensory information around them. HSP’s nervous systems are somewhat like a lightening rod or an advance warning system. The highly sensitive person can tell when something is wrong when others do not see it.

Highly sensitive people pick up all sorts of signals from their environment:

  • sound
  • visual
  • tactile
  • psychic
  • energetic

if there is a signal or sensory information of some sort, HSP’s receive it.

What The Highly Sensitive Person Does With What They Notice

Highly sensitive people can become overwhelmed by the information they take in from our overstimulated and highly complex culture. And for many it is a huge burden. However it can also be a blessing because it provides HSP’s with some important skills:

  1. highly sensitive people process information deeply so their view is often complex and inclusive.
  2. HSP’s notice shifts and so they notice factors like: the strength and resilience of an issue, the relationship between forces, the interdependencies and where they are working and where they are dysfunctional.
  3. a highly sensitive person will process information contextually and will therefore likely have a holistic and integral approach to understanding the issues in any situation.
  4. because highly sensitive people take in so much information, they tap into many factors and considerations that others may overlook in sizing up situations and problems.

Why Highly Sensitive People Are So Valuable

Because of their holistic, complex and complete information processing skills, highly sensitive people are able to notice the changes in underlying conditions in a situation. They do not get locked into a system as the status quo. In fact, they will likely see any human system as having a lifecycle as everything else does.

HSP’s can discern both short term and long term challenges and fashion an approach to problem solving that integrates both.

HSP sensitivity is especially valuable in dealing with complex structures and systems because they have the ability to determine where the weaknesses are, and what the causes are including where changes in underlying conditions are creating problems.

Highly sensitive people are extremely valuable people at any time. Right now as we are having serious challenges to current human structures they are even more valuable because they can help us problem solve from a smarter place.

Changing times call for smart choices. HSP’s can help us do that.

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  1. says

    Hi Maria

    As a HSP i found your post both factual, enlightening and somewhat disconcerting. If others are to develop their abilities to become more aware then surely they need to disassociate themselves from the pain and set clear boundaries so as not to become overwhelmed? My main problem growing up was crying. I would cry at the slightest pain I noticed in anyone or anything. Now older and wiser I have a lot of discernment about who to help and for what reason I can help them. My emotions had to develop to stay strong in times of weakness around me. I think developing others to a level of awareness that they do not have to save anyone even though they are blessed with HSP allows people like me to feel free to be ourselves without fear of not doing our jobs, or earth roles properly.

    • says

      Hi Julie,

      Thanks for stopping by. I always like to hear from a reader, and you make a good point about pain.

      I personally have always had a terrible time with pain from being sensitive and also having grown up in a very harsh environment. However, I learned something along the way; I learned to take in sensory information and be with it without letting it take over. I call it deep listening, and am thinking I should write a post about it.

      I think you are right that you have to develop discernment in order to be an effective HSP and I suspect we all have our strategies to do that. I did not want to imply that any HSP should allow themselves to be at the mercy of all the negativity in the world. One of the benefits of using our HSP gift to me is that it enables us over time to develop the ability to see where we can make a difference in a real way not a superficial way.

      We have a lot of poor problem solving in the world. We HSP’s can make a real difference by offering creative, but grounded problem solving in a very disconnected and ungrounded world.

      I hope I have answered your concern.

      All the best,

  2. Wren says

    Thank you, Maria, for this post. I look forward to your post on deep listening. This week I had the thought that others look to me to tell them if a naked emperor is riding an elephant in the living room, so to speak. And yet, there is often anger at the messenger. This is a very challenging aspect of being a HSP for me.

    • says

      Hi Wren,

      I have the same experience. It feels like you have to walk on eggshells and at the same time you can feel like you are bursting at the seams.

      All the best,

  3. Elisabeth says

    I seem to pick up on even the slightest thing, yet when I look around, noone else seems to have noticed. I have had difficulty in the workforce because I absorb the energy of people around me, and end up feeling drained. This year, I have alienated a couple of people that I used to work with, as it was obvious that I had paranoia issues & anxiety issues. Rather than support me, they blocked me or deleted me as a Facebook friend. I am now feeling as though I never want to work again, and almost prefer not having to deal with people on a daily basis anymore

    • says

      Hi Elisabeth,Hi Elisabeth,

      I know how it feels. One of the difficulties is that in our fast-paced, pr know how it feels. One of the difficulties is that in our fast-paced, “production” oriented world, many even most people do not want to hear about our perceptions and observations. That is a negative for us and them although they will not see it that way. If you can work your way into self employment where you insights are valued or work with people/groups which make noticing a good thing then you can make it work for you. Many more progressive groups could be a good fit.

      I hope this help,

      • Elisabeth says

        Thank you Maria. I’ve been considering self employment, but the idea of what I would do hasn’t come to me yet :-) I really enjoy your posts

        • says

          Hi Elisabeth,

          I am so glad that you are thinking about self employment. It is a wonderful way for HSPs to earn a living and pace themselves at the same time. I am glad you are enjoying the posts.

          All the best,

  4. Billie Zahir says

    I may be alone but I don’t feel ‘pain’ per se when I sense things others seem oblivious. Rather, I feel frustrated and question my sanity because very few people see the issues I do and feel the same drive to correct the problems. I get told I’m too emotional a lot and hate it because I believe I’m highly analytical. (Sigh) I’m working on not allowing others opinions to frustrate me so I don’t stifle myself. Great post! :) Thank you.

    • says

      Hi Billie,

      I am glad that you do not feel pain, perhaps you are not taking in the energy of others so much and that is great! I appreciate the frustration you feel because the invalidation can be very discouraging. I experience it all the time. People look at me like I am from another planet. You are right that people’s opinions are just that – opinions. As long as you do not have to depend on people whose views are antithetical to yours too much it can be let go. It is when you need cooperation that it can be especially problematic.

      I’m glad that you are not stifling yourself!

  5. Sherry says

    Nice article. I agree that highly sensitive people are very valuable and much needed in this world. We just have to figure out where to plug in. This might sound pessimistic but I just can’t imagine hsp’s would do well in the political realm. I know I wouldn’t. Sadly though we could really use the help of hsp’s in politics. Don’t see it happening though. Maybe in behind the scenes advisory roles. Yeah, that could work, if people would actually listen. This world sure is in one heck of a mess right now! Anyway, I look forward to reading more of your insights and those of everyone else on here. :)

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