The HSP Health Guest Author Program For Highly Sensitive People

Guest Author Program - Highly Sensitive People

HSP Health is a comprehensive website covering the highly sensitive trait as well as the genetic and stress disorders that can affect highly sensitive people.

It offers information to help HSPs with their emotional heath and social challenges, so that they can become stronger and blossom as individuals. HSP Health now has a guest author program to help HSPs with their healing and development.

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Who Are Highly Sensitive People?

HSP Infographic - Highly Sensitive People

One in five persons is a highly sensitive person (HSP) according to Elaine Aron, Ph.D., the foremost authority on the highly sensitive person.

There is a misperception that the characteristic of being highly sensitive means simply high emotionality. Although many highly sensitive people have strong emotions, the HSP trait comes from a having a different functioning nervous system. The HSP nervous system acts like a sponge absorbing all forms of stimulus in the environment creating sensory processing challenges as well as physical, mental and emotional overwhelm.

The HSPs busy nervous system gives them a higher susceptibility to stress and stress-related illnesses and therefore a greater need for strong health practices. 

Many highly sensitive people are plagued with health issues caused by stress and the genetic disorders they can have. Health challenges, then, can cripple an HSPs ability to function. Highly sensitive people who make health an important priority have the ability to come into their own and flower.  

HSPs  are natural visionaries, peacemakers, creatives and humanitarians.
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Alternative Health For Highly Sensitive People

HSP Health focuses on alternative health solutions for the common problems of highly sensitive people.

Because the mind body connection is so strong in the highly sensitive person, holistic health remedies are a great way for HSPs to manage their complicated health needs. Since problems in any area of life can have adverse health consequences for HSPs, HSP Health provides holistic healing help in the following areas of life:

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