Now Available: There’s Nothing Wrong With You! A Special Program for Highly Sensitive People

Do you want to take your place in the world as a highly sensitive person? The There’s Nothing Wrong With You! course was created to help you do exactly that.

It was developed from a multi-year survey that more than 500 highly sensitive people responded to. In fact, you may have been one of those people who generously expressed your concerns about the challenges of being a highly sensitive person.

From the responses HSP Health has created 2 foundational courses:

  • an identity focused course that helps highly sensitive people see the good in themselves and why it matters so that they have the confidence about themselves that they deserve, and
  • a course to help highly sensitive people navigate the world better by understanding how people and cultures evolve. This course delves into the deep underlying process/structure of development to make it easier to process what you take in and identify what is yours and what is not. It will help you discover your true kindred spirits and claim your natural place in the world

Each course is available for self study or with a coaching option. They can be done individually or you will be able to do both courses together. Below are the objectives of each course.

Part 1: Embrace Your Special Nature

In this course, you will:

  • discover why it is important for you to embrace your trait now
  • learn about the archetype can help you compassionately embrace your journey
  • connect the importance of your history to understanding your story
  • start connecting the dots between self perception, culture and family
  • enjoy a deep dive into 11 highly sensitive characteristics to claim them and reframe them
  • develop a clear and compelling view of the benefits of each of the 11 HSP characteristics
  • create a statement of who you are – independent of cultural and social perceptions of worth – to build a new foundation for your identity.

Part 2: Claim Your Place In the World

In this course you will:

  • discover the relationship and importance of stories to our identities
  • learn about the visionary role and the highly sensitive person
  • explore the two most fundamental ways we develop and cultures develop
  • learn about one important reason that highly sensitive people have trouble relating to others
  • find out how culture is created – it will surprise you
  • explore the evolutional model that makes the world make sense
  • do a deep dive into the various stages of evolution
  • learn how to marry skepticism and empathy
  • discover how to embrace the past without being a slave to it
  • find the values models that reflects where you are and which helps you find your natural place in the world
  • start a new story about your life.

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“I just love reading the HSP Health blog and find all of the material very beneficial and informative. I can relate to nearly every post and have really found a new outlook about myself and my place in this world through Maria’s writing. I have known that I was Highly Sensitive for quite some time now but have just recently started researching and gathering information about the trait in hopes to help better my life and hopefully family members as well. Her blog and website are chalk full of valuable information to help all HSPs out there. Thank you Maria for all that you do for us.”


Kristie Rikke
Size 18 To 8

“I appreciate your posts because they bring aha moments (a lot of them). I only discovered that HSP was even a thing in 2011. That was when a giant light bulb went off. Finding out about it changed my life in helping me to understand why I was the way I was and also how I could help myself be more prepared to deal with overwhelming situations. Finding out about it just scratched the surface. Reading your blog posts help me to understand even more fully, often pointing out things I didn’t even connect myself. It’s difficult figuring it all out when a lot of the people around me don’t understand it so finding a place that does helps me feel like I belong.”

Karen Droege

“HSPHealth.com has been one of the main resources in my journey to know about HSP. Maria’s blog posts are always insightful as well as professional and her way to communicate is very compassionate.”

Tuula Ahde

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